Tax Levy

The simple fact remains that no matter what kind of levy or lien the IRS might subject you to there will always be options. The dedicated team at CTR is standing by to help because nobody should take on the IRS by themselves!


Whenever you fail to pay your taxes on time the penalty phase kicks into high gear. Much like those nasty credit card finance charges, IRS penalties can quickly being to compound and add to your debt.

Help With Liens

You also have the right as a taxpayer to file an appeal of any Federal Tax Lien issued against you. Once a lien has been activated, you can contact CTR right away to look for help in dealing with this matter. They might even be able to get that lien released right away.


Who We Are & What We Do

The tax relief services for CTR were created by Attorneys and bankers with years of experience in the tax resolution industry as well as the financial services arena. The mission was to create a new standard for the industry where the customer comes first along with their best interests. Another reason lied in the fact that too many customers were turned away because they couldn’t afford huge up-front fees.

The philosophy at CTR is no client should pay full price for a service until they know what the options are and what they can expect from the service that we provide. Our primary objective is to first obtain all information the IRS has on file and to then learn more about our clients financial situation so that we can present a valid case for tax relief.

In addition to the benefit of finally settling tax problems, our clients enjoy the fact that we take over all communications with the IRS and state authorities as soon as our clients come on board with us. Due to the experience of our tax negotiators we use the IRS’s own collection procedures against them to obtain the best resolution program for our clients.


– Testimonial –

When I first got in touch with CTR, I had nowhere else to go, I was troubled and I needed someone to help me because I had never been in this situation before. So I talked to one of the representatives and told him what I was going through with the IRS, and they had me send them information, and I’m a happy client now. You were able to fix all my problems.

– Ledora W.